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Los Alamos Adventure Guide

Request your free, printed guide to help you plan your visit to Los Alamos, New Mexico. Complete with detailed information and local and regional maps, the guide is an essential part of your short or extended visit to Los Alamos. Click here to view the online version and click here to download the file. l Valles Caldera National Preserve | Leslie E. Bucklin

High Altitude Recreation

Pajarito Mountain, Los Alamos County, NM

Step into the Past

A sense of deep history permeates and is preserved in Los Alamos. From the Ancestral Pueblo people who lived here, the homesteaders who farmed the plateau, the hardy Los Alamos Ranch School students, to the scientists who perfected nuclear technologies in World War II, there are limitless stories from which to learn. Mesas | Leslie Bucklin

Connect to Los Alamos

Keep up with Los Alamos and get the scoop on the latest events, news, and things to do. We’d love to hear from you on Facebook after you’ve visited. Anderson Overlook | Leslie E. Bucklin

Los Alamos County Ranks No. 1 as Healthiest Community in the Country, for the Second Year in a Row

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White Rock and Los Alamos Visitor Centers  are Open. 

 White Rock Visitor Center is open daily from 10 am – 2 pm.

Please call 505-662-8105 or email for more information.



Plan your visit to Los Alamos

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Are you planning to visit for only an hour or two? We’ll give you suggestions on things you shouldn’t miss. (You’ll want to stay longer!)

Full Day

Los Alamos is jam packed with things to see and do. You’ll want to spend at least a whole day exploring. Check out these itineraries.

Extended Stay

Stay in Los Alamos on your New Mexico vacation for easy access to some of Northern New Mexico’s most memorable sites and attractions.

About Los Alamos, New Mexico

Los Alamos, New Mexico is a place of ancient village sites, spectacular scenery, diverse wildlife, uncommon high-altitude recreational opportunities, small-town friendliness, world-class cultural activities, fascinating history, and world-changing technology development. Visit us and you will make your own discoveries at every turn in the road, bend in the trail, and visit to one of our many attractions.

People In Los Alamos

The 18,000 people who live in Los Alamos County represent the most internationally diverse population in the State of New Mexico. The work of the national laboratory means that there is a constant exchange of people. There are two communities in the County: the town of Los Alamos and the community of White Rock. Lands belonging to the San Ildefonso and Santa Clara Pueblos, sovereign Native American tribes, are located within and adjacent to Los Alamos County.

Location of Los Alamos

Los Alamos is a 45 minute drive to Santa Fe, New Mexico, a city with an international reputation for southwest culture, arts, and cuisine. Los Alamos is also within 45 miles of eight Indian Pueblos. Los Alamos has the dual benefit of small town living coupled with close proximity to a diverse variety of cultural and entertainment possibilities.

Los Alamos Setting & Climate

Los Alamos is situated on the Pajarito Plateau on the eastern flank of the Jemez Mountains. The 13 mile wide Valles Caldera is the collapsed center of the volcano rimmed by peaks that can exceed 11,000 feet. At 7,500 feet, Los Alamos is in the transition between the mountain peaks above, and the Rio Grande River valley below, which bottoms out at about 5,400 feet. Owing to the altitude, temperatures rarely exceed 90 degrees. Average yearly precipitation is about 19 inches while the average winter snowfall is 14 inches in town and over 100 inches a year on Pajarito Mountain, the local ski area.

Top Ten Small Town!

Best known as home to the Los Alamos National Laboratory, Los Alamos is a tight-knit mountain community that consistently ranks as one of’s Best Small Towns in America.

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